Microsoft Project 2019 Professional, 1 ПК – глобальный ключ на весь срок службы


Версия 1ПК-пожизненный
Тип Ключ
Область Глобальный
Система Окна
Активация Мгновенная активация (без телефона, онлайн-активация не требуется)
Доставка Мгновенно по электронной почте с инструкциями по загрузке и активации.

Microsoft Project 2019 Professional

Microsoft Project 2019 Professional is a comprehensive project management solution designed to help project managers plan, manage, and track projects with ease. It comes with a host of features that enable users to monitor progress, identify risks and issues, and keep all stakeholders informed.

With customizable dashboards, Project 2019 Professional allows project managers to keep an eye on the status of their projects and communicate with their team, stakeholders, and clients effectively. Additionally, it has powerful automation and scheduling tools that optimize resources, streamline workflows, and manage dependencies, saving time and resources.

Moreover, Microsoft Project 2019 Professional integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications like Excel and SharePoint, allowing users to import and export data and share project information with ease.

Операционные системы

This Microsoft Project 2019 Professional Key is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is important to note that Project 2019 Professional is not compatible with older versions of Windows or with non-Windows operating systems. So, if you are running an older version of Windows or a different operating system, you may need to upgrade or switch to a compatible OS to use Project 2019 Professional.


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