Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 Lifetime – 1 Pc Global Key


Версия 1 ПК – на всю жизнь
Тип Ключ
Область Глобальный
Система Окна
Доставка Мгновенно по электронной почте с инструкциями по загрузке и активации.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 is a user-friendly photo editing software that enables users to enhance the quality and appearance of their digital photographs with ease. Featuring a variety of tools and features, this software empowers users to transform their photos into visually appealing and professionally optimized images.

Key Features of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7:

  • Quick Optimization: The software offers quick optimization tools that automatically enhance photos by adjusting color balance, brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Manual Editing: Users can make manual adjustments to individual aspects of their photos, including exposure, saturation, color temperature, and more.
  • One-Click Effects: Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 includes a range of one-click effects and filters that can be applied to photos to achieve various artistic and stylistic enhancements.
  • Red-Eye Correction: Users can easily correct red-eye effects caused by flash photography, ensuring that subjects’ eyes appear natural and free from the red-eye effect.
  • Batch Processing: The software supports batch processing, allowing users to apply enhancements and adjustments to multiple photos simultaneously, saving time and streamlining workflow.
  • Before-and-After View: Users can compare the original and optimized versions of their photos side by side, allowing them to see the improvements made through the optimization process.

Обзоры и рейтинги:

Trustpilot: Rated ★★★★★ overall from ‎2 214+ reviews.

While specific reviews and ratings for Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 may vary, users often praise its ease of use, quick optimization tools, and ability to enhance the overall quality of photos.

Системные Требования:

  • Операционная система: Windows 7 or higher
  • Процессор: Single-core processor with at least 1.8 GHz (recommended: Multi-core processor)
  • БАРАН: 2 ГБ ОЗУ или больше
  • Место на жестком диске: 100 MB of available disk space for application installation
  • Интернет-соединение: Требуется для активации и обновлений продукта.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 offers an accessible and effective solution for enhancing the quality of digital photographs. With its quick optimization tools, manual editing options, one-click effects, and batch processing capabilities, it empowers users to quickly and efficiently transform their photos into visually pleasing and professionally enhanced images.


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