Microsoft Office Professional 2019 Lifetime – 1Pc Global Key


Edition 1PC-Lifetime
Type Key
Region Global
System Windows
Activation Instant Activation (No phone No online activation needed)
Delivery Instant by email with download and activation instructions

Microsoft Office 2019 offers several new features and improvements, but it also comes with some limitations when compared to Office 365. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of Office 2019:


  1. Perpetual Office License: Office 2019 provides a one-time purchase option, allowing you to own the software permanently without recurring subscription fees.
  2. Enhanced Features: Office 2019 includes various enhancements and features, such as a distraction-free mode in Word, improved pivot tables in Excel, better graphics support, and digital pencil support in PowerPoint.
  3. New View Options: Word in Office 2019 offers new view options that help users focus on their text, enhancing the reading and editing experience.


  1. Not Cheap: Office 2019 is relatively expensive when compared to the subscription-based Office 365, especially for individual users. The cost of the software might be a barrier for some.
  2. No Access to New Features: Unlike Office 365, which receives regular updates and new features, Office 2019 remains static. You won’t have access to the latest enhancements and cloud-based features introduced by Microsoft.
  3. No Real-Time Coauthoring: Office 365 allows real-time collaboration on documents, which is not available in Office 2019. This feature can be essential for teams working together on shared documents.

Pricing, Versions, and Compatibility:

  • Office 2019 offers different versions, with Office Home & Student 2019 providing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Office Professional 2019 including Outlook, Publisher, and Access.
  • Compatibility for Office 2019 requires Windows 10 for the PC version and recent macOS versions for the Mac version.
  • Office 365, on the other hand, is subscription-based, and users pay a recurring fee to access the software.

Subscribe or Buy?

  • Office 365 offers real-time collaboration, mobile apps, cloud-based tools, and regular updates for users who prefer staying current with the latest features and cloud integration.
  • Office 2019, as a one-time purchase, is suitable for those who don’t want to commit to subscription fees and are content with the feature set provided at the time of purchase.

A Familiar Face:

  • Office 2019 maintains the familiar Ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007, ensuring a consistent experience for long-time users.

New Features:

  • Office 2019 introduces features like Morph transitions in PowerPoint, 3D object support, new insertable icons, and enhanced ink features for drawing and mathematical equations.

Cross-Platform Excellence:

  • Office 2019 files are universally compatible, making it easy to share documents across platforms and devices.

Office Strengths:

  • Excel excels at handling complex spreadsheets, PowerPoint offers impressive presentation capabilities, and Word provides extensive view options and drawing tools.

Office Drawbacks:

  • Some advanced customization options in Word can be challenging to access. Office’s complex settings might not suit all users’ preferences.

One Note About OneNote:

  • Office 2019 on Windows uses the Microsoft Store version of OneNote, while the standalone OneNote 2016 can still be downloaded. The Mac version remains unchanged.

The choice between Office 2019 and Office 365 depends on your specific needs and preferences. Office 2019 is suitable for users who want a one-time purchase and are not interested in ongoing subscriptions. Office 365 is ideal for those who require real-time collaboration, cloud-based tools, and regular updates. Consider your budget, collaboration requirements, and the need for the latest features when making your decision.