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AdGuard Standard 1Device Lifetime Global Key


Edition1 Device - Lifetime
SystemWindows - macOS
DeliveryInstant by email with download and activation instructions


AdGuard Standard Lifetime

AdGuard Standard is a powerful ad-blocking and privacy protection tool that helps you get rid of annoying ads, speed up your browsing, and protect your online privacy. With AdGuard Standard, you can enjoy a smoother and faster browsing experience by blocking all kinds of ads, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads. It also blocks trackers and analytics scripts, preventing them from collecting your data.

In addition to blocking ads and trackers, AdGuard Standard also provides advanced security features, such as protection against phishing and malware. Its advanced algorithms scan every website you visit in real-time, and if it detects anything suspicious, it blocks it immediately.

Another great feature of AdGuard Standard is its ability to block annoying social media widgets and buttons, allowing you to browse your favorite websites without being distracted by unwanted content.

AdGuard Standard is easy to use and customizable. You can choose from different ad-blocking filters and create your own custom filters to block specific content. It also provides a range of settings to fine-tune your ad-blocking experience.

Overall, AdGuard Standard is a comprehensive ad-blocking and privacy protection tool that provides a faster, smoother, and more secure browsing experience.


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