Windows 11’s File Explorer Is Getting a New Details Pane

Microsoft is continuing its efforts to modernize various components of the File Explorer app in Windows 11. The latest preview build, 23451, brings a fresh update to the details pane, offering users a modern and informative view when interacting with files. This ongoing transformation follows the previous enhancements made to the header, context menus, and the addition of tabs.

  • The modern details pane is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of selected files. It features a preview of the item at the top, allowing users to have a quick visual reference. Additionally, the details pane displays recent file activity, such as shared status and comments, enabling users to stay up to date with the latest changes. Moreover, users can find related files and conversations, making it easier to navigate through interconnected content, especially when files are shared via email or Microsoft Teams.
  • Alongside the modern details pane, the Dev Channel build also introduces other notable improvements. One of them is an updated Windows Spotlight view, which now includes different layouts being tested by Microsoft. This enhances the visual experience and provides users with a variety of options for personalization. Additionally, a new Facebook widget has been added to the Widgets Panel, offering quick access to Facebook content directly from the desktop. Furthermore, the Start menu now includes recently viewed webpages in the recommended section, allowing for easy access to frequently visited sites.

As Microsoft continues to refine and modernize the File Explorer app in Windows 11, users can look forward to an enhanced file management experience. The new details pane, along with the other improvements, provides a more visually appealing and informative interface, making it easier to navigate, organize, and interact with files and folders. These updates contribute to the overall user experience, ensuring that Windows 11 remains a user-friendly and efficient operating system for all users.

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